IAC Audit & Assurance


Ramdas RA (Audit Managing Partner)

Focus on the market  


  Financial audits (medium) large profit companies

Scope of audit work

(Mandatory) audit assignments for SME/LTDs, Intermediate Holding BVs in the Netherlands on behalf of listed (Indian) companies; financial (mandatory) audits of various types of profit companies in the Netherlands;

Quality assessment of voluntary audits carried out by other auditors of SME financial statements

Hired for financial mandatory audits for various accounting firms; 

Special investigations, due diligence and advisory related assignments

Control Skills

Extensive experience in the field of financial audits at various types of organizations in both the “not-for-profit” (since 1992) and the “for-profit” sector (since 2001). Registered with the AFM for being able to perform mandatory audits of financial statements, ultimately responsible for the auditor’s reports on annual accounts in small and medium-sized enterprises and “not for profit” institutions. In this capacity, I have extensive experience in stimulating and managing employees; Proactively, takes action and therefore also works on a solution-oriented process to tackle and execute things as efficiently and effectively as possible. Extensive knowledge and experience in the field of financial and operational audits, in combination with my own management skills, make it possible to carry out various (interim audit) assignments to my full satisfaction.


Afbeelding met persoon, Menselijk gezicht, kleding, person Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving




Technical partners 

L.J. (Leja) Gouwens RA (on behalf of Kriton B.V.)

Expertise & skills

  • Trainer skills and technical skills
  • Technical consultations
  • development of technical and skills training and e-learning
  • carrying out file reviews, OKBs
  • Quality Coaching
  • Coaching/Mentoring of Audit Teams


  • consultant/trainer Kriton
  • senior manager BDO BVT A&A (consultations, development of guidance, quality code, audit manual
  • Chair of the NBA Working Group on Statements
  • member of NBA project group standard 4400N
  • member of the NBA sounding board group Product Development & Innovation
  • Chairman NBA Young Profs
Bouwe Algra AA (on behalf of NOVAK)

Results-oriented professional, high level of involvement, expertise in management and financial reporting, highly skilled in client relations and analyzing financial information, strong oral/written communication and leadership skills. International mindset, strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Continuous learner, able to easily understand and implement new ideas, concepts, methods, and technologies.

Specialties: Small and medium-sized businesses. Holdings and branches. Contract financing and accounting.

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Onze openingstijden

Maandag t/m vrijdag:
van 09:00 tot 18:00 uur

Ons adres

Laan van ’s-Gravenmade 74, 2495 AJ Den Haag
Telefoon: +31 (0)70 219 27 70