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Welcome to IAC Audit & Assurance B.V.

IAC Audit & Assurance BV is an audit only firm for all kind of financial audits with regards to annual statements and other financial statements.

The statutory checks, in order to comply with Dutch legislation, are being carried out in collaboration with TIC Assurance B.V. to whom the AFM licence has been granted.

If at least two of the following three criteria apply to your current situation, for two consecutive years, a financial audit is mandatory:

  • The value of the assets is more than 6 million euros
  • Net sales are more than 12 million euros
  • The company has 50+ employees

TIC Assurance B.V. is an AFM-approved accountancy firm in the Netherlands, specialized in statutory audits.

We are performing audit services for companies to provide assurance in annual figures as well as other financial statements, in particular by performing Assurance audit engagements. We are a member of the Dutch Professional Association of Accountants (NBA) and we are also affiliated with the NOVAK for our quality system.

A (statutory) audit of the financial statements sometimes entails challenges and you probably do not always have the opportunity to reflect on this. Nevertheless, this can bring you and your company many benefits. Let’s meet in The Hague to discuss your audit issue. You can reach us at +31 70 2192770

The advantages of IAC Audit & Assurance BV:

  • personal contact;
  • short lines of communication;
  • perseverance and decisive action (‘no nonsense’)
  • cooperation is paramount;


Other non-audit engagements, which can be performed by an auditor, are also regulated.

Examples of such services include:

  • Audit of condensed financial statements (NV COS 810)
  • Audit engagement of historical financial statements (NV COS 2400)
  • Assessment of interim financial information performed by the entity’s independent auditor (NV COS 2410)
  • Assurance reports other than the audit and performance assurance engagement on historical financial information (NV COS 3000)
  • Research into future financial information (NV COS 3000), e.g. in business plans, financial projections and valuations
  • Agreed procedures (NV COS 4400)
  • Agreed assignments and/or special assignments

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